First Natural Birth for Diabetic Woman Who Received Artificial Pancreas

A diabetic woman in the UK has become the first person in the world to give birth naturally after using an artificial pancreas during pregnancy. The woman is Catriona Finlayson-Wilkins, 41, of Knapton, Norfolk and the birth took place at Norfolk and Norfolk University Hospital. The woman also made history by becoming the first woman to give birth after using the device.


Finlayson-Wilkins is a Type 1 diabetic and wore the artificial pancreas throughout her pregnancy in order to produce insulin and manage the symptoms related to diabetes. Previously, three other women had given birth after using the device but delivered via caesarean section. The artificial pancreas device system (APDS) is designed to mimic the function of a healthy pancreas. The APDS is continuously worn and features a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), a digital controller and an insulin pump.


The principal investigator, Dr. Helen Murphy, of the study that Finlayson-Wilkins took part in said that the birth was an exciting step for the treatment of diabetes in pregnant women.

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