Drinking Water or Unsweetened Tea or Coffee Can Lower Diabetes Risk

A new study has indicated that if you replace a sugary beverage with plain water or even just tea or coffee, you can lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by nearly 25 percent. This new finding is according to a research study published to the journal Diabetologia. The study was lead by Dr. Nita Forouhi from the University of Cambridge.


The research looked at 25,000 British men and women aged 40-79. The study participants were asked to keep a food diary for seven days consecutively. Scientists then looked at the type and amounts of foods that were eaten, as well as, how frequently the person ate. The study also examined whether or not sugar was added to the portion. After 11 years of the study, roughly 847 participants had developed Type 2 diabetes.


The researchers discovered that the findings indicated that there was a risk of associated with both soft drinks and sweetened milk drinks. For participants that decided to skip a serving of a soft drink in place of water or an unsweetened tea or coffee, the risk of diabetes was lowered by 14 percent. For sweetened milk drinks that were replaced with water or unsweetened tea or coffee, the risk decreased by up to 25 percent. The researchers also discovered that artificial sweeteners used in sweetened drinks instead of sugar did not help to lower the rates of Type 2 diabetes.

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