Drinking Red Wine Protects Diabetes Patients from Cardiometabolic Diseases

red-wine-chocolateA new study has indicated that drinking a glass of red wine could be beneficial for people that have diabetes. The study was done by scientists from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, and experts from Harvard School of Public Health in the US and Leipzig University, Germany. The findings are to be presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Prague.


The benefits of drinking wine were discovered by doing a two-year experiment that involved people with Type 2 diabetes. The researchers worked with over 200 diabetes patients by having them restrict themselves to a standard Mediterranean diet. The participants were broken up into three groups: the group that drank 150 ml of mineral water after dinner, a group that drank red wine and a group that drank white wine.


The researchers believe that the red wine drinkers received higher levels of HDL, also known as good cholesterol. HDL has been proven to protect against heart attack and stroke. The study was the first of its kind as an alcohol trial. The researchers believe that the findings demonstrate that red wine can be considered as a part of a healthy diet that lowers cardiometabolic risk. However, researchers do believe that the study’s findings should be taken with caution as gender differences regarding the intake of alcohol often result in women having more toxins in the blood from drinking alcohol.

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