New Lotion Could Potentially Help Heal Diabetic Ulcers

A new lotion that has been developed by scientist and dermatologist Amy S. Paller, the director of Northwestern University’s Skin Disease Research Center, and chemist, Chad A. Mirkin, could one day help diabetes patients heal diabetic ulcers on the feet. This new lotion contains a gene regulation technology that has been determined to heal ulcers in animals that are diabetic.


The lotion was developed by combining spherical nucleic acids with a common commercial moisturizer. This method can be used topically to stop a gene that has been determined to prevent wound healing. In addition to helping to treat diabetic wounds, the study also proved further that SNAs can go through the skin barrier when mixed with common moisturizers. Other previously developed therapies have struggled with a delivery method that could penetrate the skin barrier.


The SNAs were mixed with the moisturizer Aquaphor and was applied to the edges of the wounds in diabetic mice. The research team discovered that healing was improved in the mice that had been treated with SNAs. The wounds in the animals were healed in roughly 12 days, while the control group took nearly 18 days for healing.

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