Diabetes Patients Feel Burdened By Medication Prescriptions

A new study published to the journal, Diabetes Care, indicates that prescribing fixed-dose combinations of diabetes medications could help to reduce the burden that is felt by diabetes patients. The study was done by German researchers who surveyed more than 800 patients living with Type 2 diabetes for over 6 years. The study also included survey information from roughly 600 physicians about medications. The majority of physicians agreed that multiple pills make it more difficult for patients to stick with the treatments.


The researchers also found that most patients were taking between 3 to 6 pills each day. For seniors who took over 6 tablets each day, they reported that they felt especially burdened because they also needed assistance in order to take the medications.


The majority of patients used appearance to identify their medications and using the right medicine was made more difficult when the appearance of the medication changes. Roughly 50 percent of patients were worried that they would forget to take the medications or would accidentally take the wrong medication or dosage.

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