Women Die From Type 1 Diabetes at Higher Rates Than Men With Disease

A new analysis has indicated that women that have Type 1 diabetes have a roughly 40 percent higher risk of dying from any cause and also more than double the risk of death due to heart disease when compared with men having the same condition. The findings were discovered by researchers at the Queensland Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Center at the University of Queensland in Australia. The findings were published to the journal The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.


By analyzing data from 26 studies, the researchers noticed that women that have Type 1 diabetes have a 37 percent higher risk of dying from stroke when compared to men with the condition. Type 1 diabetic women also had a 44 percent higher risk of death from kidney disease when compared with Type 1 diabetic men.


The researchers are not yet sure what causes the higher risk factors in men but attribute the problem to the fact that women often have a harder time in regulating blood sugar levels. For women, going through puberty, the changing hormone levels can also have an effect on blood sugar levels. They also believe that having high blood sugar levels causes more damage to the blood vessels of women than men.


The findings suggest that women may need more attention when it comes to Type 1 diabetes in order to lower the differences in mortality rates. They recommend that these patients receive more support and assistance.

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