New Study Says Type 2 Diabetics Can Better Manage Blood Sugar With Large Breakfasts and Small Dinners

A new study provides even more even that eating a healthy breakfast can help you to stay powered up throughout your day rather than only eating a minimal breakfast and eating too much at dinner. This finding has been proven to be especially effective for individuals with diabetes that need to carefully regulate their blood sugar levels daily.


The study was published to the journal Diabetologia. The study looked at people that have type 2 diabetes. It was discovered that people with Type 2 diabetes who ate breakfasts that are high in energy and low-energy dinners had helped those patients to better manage their blood sugar levels.


Hyperglycemia is a condition that results in diabetic patients when too much food and sugar are taken in. The body is unable to produce enough insulin in order to return blood sugar levels to their normal levels.


Eating a large breakfast and small dinner has also been recommended for individuals that are trying to lose weight. Breakfast is considered important so that the person is not tempted to overeat during the rest of the day.


However, the positive benefits are minimized if the person opts to eat high fat foods such as bacon, eggs or pancakes. Instead, people with diabetes should opt for lean breakfast foods such as oatmeal, cereal, boiled eggs, and granola.

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