Fructose Is the Reason Why Diabetes Cases Are on the Rise

The harmful effects of fructose have been documented by a report from the Mayo Clinic suggesting that fructose is a major contributor to the rise in type 2 diabetes cases. Fructose is a sugar that is not made by the body but is found in fruits, vegetables and honey. Fructose is also added to foods as a sweetener and is commonly found in foods as high-fructose corn syrup.


Diabetes is an epidemic that continues to grow across the world. At the current rates there are roughly 10 percnt of adults living with Type 2 diabetes in the United States. The global number of diabetes patients also continues to rise.


In this study, published to the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, researchers looked at whether there was a higher risk of diabetes associated with certain foods. They looked at carboydrates including starch, glucose, lactose, sucrose, and fructose.


Fructose was associated with higher levels of insulin resistance. The fructose can also lead the body to store more fat which can also cause inflammation, high blood presure, and obesity in addition to diabetes. The calories from sugar are more harmful.


The diabetes experts indicated that fructose that is naturally found in foods is not harmful. In fact, eating fruits and vegetables, which contain fructose, can actually protect against diabetes and heart disease.

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