Physicians and Patients Can Benefit From Using Diabetes Apps

Diabetes is a disease that is currently the center of a worldwide epidemic as the number of patients with diabetes continues to grow. However, studies indicate that patients can benefit greatly from receiving preventative screening and care that encompasses the experience of several professional providers in various areas of specialization.


In this study, researchers looked at an mHealth solution, known as SightBook. This app could help diabetes patients get better can by helping to create a personal profile that is HIPAA-compliant in order to invite medical professionals to review their patient data. With this app, all of the individuals involved in providing care can see the patients results and notes.


In addition, the patients can use the app to test their own vision for problems and send the results directly to the health care providers. While this app helped improve participation rates, the findings of the study indicated that not all patients got involved with their health care providers via the app. This indicates that all of the parties involved must participate in mHealth in order to make it effective. The researchers do point out that the clinical trial in order to test patient participation with mHealth is different than real world examples where the health care provider can do more to ensure patient participation.

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