Lowering Blood Pressure Reduces Risk of Diabetes Complications

A new study published recently to JAMA has indicated the lowering blood pressure levels for Type 2 diabetes patients can significantly reduce the risk of complications of the disease. The analysis was done by looking at 40 trials that involved roughly 100,000 people living with Type 2 diabetes. The study was lead by Dr. Kazem Rahimi at Oxford.


Diabetic people have been proven to be more susceptible to the risks associated with hypertension when compared to people that are normally health. Guidelines issued recently by health officials have suggested that a systolic blood pressure of 140 millimeters of mercury is a goal that diabetic people should strive for. However, this study indicates that diabetic people should aim even lower at 130 or lower.


The study showed that lowering systolic blood pressure to 130 millimeters of mercury or less was said to result in a 13 percent reduction in the risk of death. They discovered that coronary heart disease was lowered by 12 percent and the risks associated with stroke were lowered by 26 percent. The lower systolic blood pressure also helped to reduce the instances of retinopathy which can result in blindness for people that have diabetes. Finally the results also indicated a 17 percent reduction in the risk of developing albuminuria, which can be a symptom of problems with the kidneys in diabetic patients.

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