Too Much Sitting Linked to Diabetes

kozzi-bosiness_woman_choosiA new study published to the Annals of Internal Medicine indicated that the majority of people are spending more than half of their waking hours sitting down. The activities include watching TV, working on a computer, driving and doing other activities that don’t require standing. However, sitting down can cause premature death, even in people that make sure to exercise at least an hour per day.


The findings were taken from 47 studies that reviewed the health effects of inactive lifestyles. The findings indicated that people that sat for a longer period of time had an increase risk of dying from all causes, even if they exercised on a regular basis. The findings were even worse for people who did not exercise at all.


Researchers such as Dr. Joanne Foody of the Cardiovascular Wellness Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital say that the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle can include an increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and death. Another study linked sitting with an increased risk of dementia.


Researchers have not yet uncovered how sitting can result in poor health. However, there are signed that indicate that sitting can affect the metabolism of sugar and fat, which both have direct effects on diabetes and heart disease risks. This statement was made by Dr. I-Min Lee of Harvard Medical School.


The current recommendations for reducing the risks associated with sitting are to spend less time sitting, exercise more and lose weight. By attacking the risk of becoming overweight, researchers say that the risks associated with sitting could be decreased. However, excessive sitting is still a major contributor to raising the risk of developing the diabetes.

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