Diabetes Symptoms and Aging

The number of cases of diabetes is rising dramatically in the United States with roughly 9% of the populations already having the disease. It is estimated that there are 7 million people in the United States that have diabetes but don’t know that they have it. Many of the signs that aging is occurring are actually symptoms of diabetes. Here are a few symptoms to watch out for that are actually symptoms of diabetes.


Changes in Eyesight: Sometimes changes in eyesight can occur as a person ages. However, sometimes these changes may be an indication that there is something else wrong. Changes in eyesight can be a sign of blood sugar levels that aren’t being properly controlled.


Fatigue: A lack of energy is one of the most obvious signs of diabetes. Your body is unable to turn the excess blood sugar into energy which leaves you exhausted.


Problems With Your Skin: Diabetes can also show up in the skin with several symptoms. These symptoms include dark circles on the eyes, dry skin and discoloration of the skin. The changes in the skin are due to damage caused to the blood vessels by diabetes.


Increased Need to Urinate: Increased urination is a sign that diabetes might be present. The increased urination is part of the body’s attempt to get rid of excess sugar in your blood. In addition, you may also feel thirstier than normal.


Every person that is over the age of forty should be tested on a regular basis for diabetes. In addition, individuals that are diagnosed early have the added benefit of being able to reverse or slow down the symptoms of diabetes with the addition of lifestyle changes and medication.

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