Eating Too Much During the Holidays Could Be Dangerous for Diabetes Patients

People that overindulge in holiday foods can end up with serious complications if they have type 2 diabetes. Experts warn people that failing to stay in control of diabetes throughout the year can also make things more difficult during the holidays. By failing to watch carbohydrate intake, diabetics can end up with blood sugar levels that are dangerously high.


For patients that want to avoid running into these problems, there are several ways to prevent blood sugar levels from spiking during the holidays. First, patients should indulge in the holidays only by eating two or three items that are special to that time. Sampling foods should be avoided all together.


If you are asked to attend a gathering involving food, preparing a healthy dish and bringing it along will ensure that only healthy foods are eaten. Foods that have carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, rice and potatoes should be avoided.


Drinking alcohol should be avoided because many drinks contain juices or sweeteners that could lead to dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels. Diabetic patients can opt to drink a little bit of alcohol if every drink is followed by a safe beverage such as water or seltzer.


In managing diabetes over the holidays, patients should try to get as much assistance as possible from their relatives or friends. By getting assistance, others that are aware of the condition can help a diabetic patient make managing blood sugar levels easier.


Going to family gatherings around the holidays can come with some temptations when it comes to food. However, proper preparation for diabetic patients can help them to eat more safely over the holidays. Not only will safer eating help patients to keep their blood sugar levels in check, but they will also avoid gaining weight which can result in diabetic complications for patients.

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