Children With Diabetes in India Tops 70,000

As the diabetes epidemic continues to grow across the world, more and more children are being diagnosed with diabetes. Roughly 90 percent of childhood diabetes that is diagnosed is type 1 diabetes which means that the children need insulin in order to survive. The majority of the problems are caused because of the fact that most children that have type 1 diabetes are not diagnosed on time. The awareness regarding diabetes in children is not as high as it should be. Most people believe that diabetes is an adult disease and not a childhood disease. This belief about diabetes is not only affecting the rates of type 1 diabetes in India but also type 2 diabetes.


Richa Chaturvedi, diabetologist and endocrinologist at Pushpawati Singhania Research Institute (PSRI) Hospital attributes the rise in type 2 diabetes across India to childhood obesity. However, there has not been an increase in type 1 diabetes in Indian children. She also believes that children are being diagnosed with diabetes because they eat a diet that is high in calories and junk food. Kids are also not getting enough exercise outdoors in order to offset the problems caused by a bad diet.


Roughly sixty-eight percent of urban children don’t do exercise regularly. In addition, obesity is quite common in children that have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Roughly nine percent of adolescents between the ages of nine and 18 years have higher levels of abdominal fat than what is considered normal according to Chaturvedi. Roughly 70,000 children in India that are under the age of 15 currently suffer from type 1 diabetes. Roughly 40,000 children have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Each year the number of children that are being diagnosed with diabetes is growing by 5 percent.


Type 1 diabetes is considered to be an autoimmune disease while type 2 diabetes is commonly found in children that are obese who have a history of diabetes in the family. Overall, there are about 51 million people in India who have been diagnosed with diabetes by the Diabetes Foundation of India. With regard to the regions in which the diagnoses came from, type 1 diabetes was the overall most common diagnosis. While certain parts of the south and northeast of India reported an equal level of diagnosis for type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes according to Manoj Chadha, consultant endocrinologist at Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai.

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