Diabetes Costs $245 Billion Per Year

A new study on diabetes has indicated that it is more costly than ever. Diabetes patient numbers in the United States are soaring and the number of people that have the disease continues to be on the increase worldwide. When it comes to diabetes patient numbers, in the United States currently, there are nearly 30 million people that have the disease. This means that costs associated with these patients are also rising. It is estimated that in the United States diabetes costs $245 billion every year.


The largest cost that comes along with diabetes is the costs of diabetes medical care involving lower-limb amputation. Diabetes complications can include amputations and diabetic patients that fail to care for their diabetes are at the risk of losing lower limbs due to infection. Another major source of amputations is injuries to the feet that can become uncontrollable infections that eventually result in amputation. In 2013 alone, there were nearly 75,000 Americans that needed to have amputations due to diabetes complications. The average cost of an amputation for a diabetes patient is $70,000.


The patients that have diabetes or are at risk for developing diabetes should have regular checkups. Having the feet examined by a podiatrist on a regular basis is the best way to prevent foot complications according to Frank Spinosa, DPM of the American Podiatric Medical Association, APMA.


The podiatrist is able to detect problems early on so that they can be treated. Diabetes patients should also make sure to care for their feet carefully and make sure that the address any wounds that might occur on the feet promptly. A study was done by the APMA and looked at diabetic patients with commercial insurance. The patients that had commercial insurance were investing in care from a podiatrist and were able to crease up to $51 worth of savings for the health-care system. For patients that had Medicare, these patients were able to save the healthcare system up to $13 by investing in foot care with a podiatrist.


The costs of food care for diabetic patients now exceed the costs of treating cancer for all five types of cancer. This means that diabetic patients should be focusing more on preventative health so that these situations do not occur. If a diabetic patient has better foot care, the risk for amputation is also significantly decreased which means that diabetic patients can live longer.


With better foot care and overall care, diabetic patients can help to lower costs for the health care system. In addition, they will also be able to live longer lives as the rate of mortality in patients that have experienced amputations due to diabetes is quite high.

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