How to Find Support Online for Diabetes Patients

online-drThere are roughly 29 million people in the United States that have been diagnosed with diabetes. This figure is roughly 10 percent of the population. What people who have been diagnosed with diabetes need is support in order to learn about the disease and deal with the emotional issues that can come along with a diagnosis. Today, there are a number of communities online that are designed to cater to patients that have diabetes so that they can connect and share with others about managing their disease.


Sites such as,,, and are sites that are available online so that people can share their experiences with diabetes and get tips on managing their diabetes. The diabetes online community is growing and only recently began to develop within the last four to five years.


Diabetes does not only affect patients. It also affects their families and there are a number of emotional and social issues that come along with this. By having these online communities, patients have a place to turn to in order to vent some of the stresses that come along with having diabetes. In addition, patients also have the ability to compare what is working for them versus what has been prescribed for other patients. Diabetes treatment regimes can have very different results in patients so people need to be able to share and get the support that they need.


In addition, online diabetes communities allow people to have an advantage over in-person groups because of the fact that support can be obtained at any time of the day. There are no set meeting times that patients need to adhere to which can be difficult for people that have busy schedules.


One thing that people should be cautious about is the fact that patients can not be assured that the medical advice that they are getting online is accurate. In many cases only site moderators are responsible for getting rid of inaccurate or dangerous information online. Therefore, people within the online diabetes community must step up in order to report this information to protect the members of the community.


Some diabetes communities don’t allow advice regarding medications for diabetes and instead focus only on dieting and exercise in order to prevent people from making dangerous changes to their care without the advice of a physician. Despite this, if a patient is trying to deal with managing diabetes, it is recommended that the patient join an online diabetes community in order to have some support.


It is widely known that diabetes patients often do not receive therapy as a result of being diagnosed with diabetes. Therefore, an online community can become the next best thing by providing them with an outlet to share their feelings.


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