Drinking Tea Can Help Prevent Diabetes

teaFor people who want to prevent diabetes, drinking tea could provide some benefits. However, not just any kind of tea will work. The type of tea that should be taken in is green tea. For centuries people have been drinking tea and currently it is the second most popular beverage in the world behind milk. The popularity of tea has increased in recent years due to more awareness about the health benefits. However, tea can also help people that have diabetes.


Tea has also been proven to help prevent cancer and improve mental health. For people that have diabetes, green tea can help to sensitize the cells so that they can better metabolize sugar. Green tea is excellent for people that have diabetes because it helps them to respond to sugar better. A study done in 2013 that was published to the journal, Diabetes and Metabolism Journal demonstrated that tea has potential benefits both for diabetes and obesity.


The study looked at a previous study done in Japan in which it was demonstrated that people who drink green tea 6 or more times per day had a 33 percent less likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes. This group was compared to a group of people that only drank one cup of green tea per week. A separate study done in Taiwan indicated that people who consumed green tea on a regular basis for over a decade had smaller waists and a lower composition of body fat than people who did not drink green tea on a regular basis.


Diabetes patients who drink tea can obtain major benefits from the substance due to the fact that tea contains substances called polyphenols. These polyphenols work to reduce oxidative stress. In addition, the tea causes the arteries to widen which can reduce blood pressure and stop clotting. Another benefit of polyphenols is that they have the ability to reduce cholesterol levels. Polyphenols also help to regulate blood sugar levels which can help to prevent or control diabetes for patients that already have the condition.


Polyphenols are also found in black tea but they are found in much higher levels in green tea which is why researchers recommend that diabetes patients drink green tea to get the benefits. Green tea is also prepared from leaves that have not been fermented which means that the tea is purer than black tea which has undergone a fermentation process.


Researchers recommend that diabetes patients practice a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. However, they should also make sure to add in foods that are rich in polyphenols which can also include other foods such as fruits that are brightly colored and vegetables. For individuals that don’t have diabetes, but are at risk for developing the condition, these lifestyle changes could ensure that diabetes never develops in the first place.

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