Don’t Mistake Diabetes Symptoms for Aging

A new warning from the American Diabetes Association has gone out in order to make older Americans more aware that the symptoms that they are experiencing might not be due to aging but due to diabetes. When it comes to aging and diabetes, diabetes symptoms can be subtle in some cases which leads people to skip getting screened for the disease. Roughly 8 million people that have diabetes do not know that they have disease. Diabetes that goes untreated can lead to an early death and serious heart problems.


Doctors recommend that patients pay careful attention to their bodies especially if things have changed with their health. In addition, many doctors already recommend that patients that are over the age of 45 be screened for diabetes so that the can detect the disease early. If a person is suffering from a symptom such as hearing loss, the symptom might not be due to aging but instead due to diabetes.


Another symptom that could actually be a symptom of diabetes and not aging is fatigue. Many patients that don’t know that they have diabetes think that they are tired because they have been working too hard and are simply getting older. However, a sudden onset of fatigue could be a sign that something more serious is wrong especially if the person has previously been an active person.


The reason why such symptoms are often not noticed by older people is because the symptoms associated with diabetes are not necessarily specific abnormal symptoms. Diabetes can show symptoms such as fatigue, feeling tired all of the time, and blurred vision. If patients are experiencing these symptoms, they should discuss them with a doctor so that they can obtain testing for diabetes.


Other symptoms of diabetes can include frequent urination, unusual patches of dry skin, blurred vision and hearing loss. In addition, losing weight suddenly or just feeling exhausted all of the time are other symptoms of diabetes that can go unnoticed. Patients should also watch out for symptoms that indicate that they are experiencing high blood sugar levels.


When people that have undiagnosed diabetes experience high blood sugar levels, these symptoms can show up as wanting to nap at odd hours of the day. In addition, the patient might be feeling tired and cranky all of the time. These symptoms will also be recurring every time the patient has a meal.


Diabetes that goes untreated can begin to manifest itself with more severe symptoms as time goes on which is why it is important to get treated early. If patients are at risk of developing diabetes due to other risk factors such as obesity, these symptoms should definitely not be ignored. Discussing ongoing problems that seem to recur with the doctor can lead to earlier diabetes diagnosis and treatment before the problem becomes worse.

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