Are Soft Drinks Bad for Diabetics?

Many people think that soft drinks and sweetened drinks, such as packaged fruit juices can’t have detrimental effects except for contributing to obesity. However, sweet drinks are not good for people that have diabetes. People that have diabetes are advised to stay away from packaged fruit juices and soft drinks completely. The reason for this is because these drinks often have high levels of simple sugars which can cause the blood sugar levels of a diabetic patient to rise rapidly.


In addition to people that have diabetes, soft drinks are also not recommended for people that are at an increased risk of developing diabetes. This is due to the fact that people who have overall unhealthy lifestyles or are already overweight or obese are at a greater risk of developing diabetes. Fresh fruit juices are not necessary bad for people that are at the risk of developing diabetes unless a lot of sugar has been added to the juice. A glass of juice that has been freshly squeezed from fruits with no added sugar is okay. However, taking in soft drinks and sugary fruit drinks can raise the risk of developing diabetes in normal people.


If people still want something they can, there are other options that diabetes can also have. Drinks such as coconut water with no added sugar, tea and lemon water are some options that diabetics can have that won’t harm their health.


Sugary drinks are especially bad because they increase insulin resistance. In addition, the drinks can also increase the levels of triglycerides and contribute to chronic information. Other problems that can result from the long term consumption of sugar drinks are obesity, an increase risk of heart attacks and strokes, the degradation of the tooth enamel leading to tooth decay and increased risk of kidney disease, osteoporosis and gout.


While drinking sugary drinks can obviously lead to long term health problems, the effects can be more immediately seen when blood sugar levels spike. This condition is especially dangerous for diabetes patients because it can result in a condition known as hyperglycemia which will require emergency care. Instead of risking it, diabetes patients should simply avoid such drinks. If a drink is desired because of a workout or fitness program, diabetic patients should instead work with their doctors in order to determine viable options for beverages during a workout.


Diabetics should pay careful attention to the sugar content in drinks in order to make sure that they are not drinking juices that have added sugar or artificial sweeteners. A safer alternative to drinking packaged drinks would be to make it at home instead and skip the sugar. Diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly in order to prevent dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels which can result in complications from diabetes over the long term.

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