Diabetes Cases on the Rise, in Spite of Efforts to Stem the Growth

In recent years health officials have put quite an effort into bringing diabetes out of the shadows. They have been trying desperately to inform adults about the dangers of this deadly disease. In spite of those efforts to stem the growth, new cases of diabetes have been soaring in the United States. The alarming news that diabetes cases are on the rise has many officials concerned a larger epidemic is here, resulting in many more patients requiring supplies for diabetes such as Freestyle test strips and test strips for Accu-chek Aviva monitors.


Diabetes Awareness Campaigns


Health officials began a campaign to bring awareness to those in their 40’s and 50’s. These campaigns are designed to show people that the body cannot properly regulate the blood glucose when under extreme amounts of stress. With over 25 million cases of diabetes being reported, officials are looking for other ways to bring more awareness to the problem and reduce those numbers quickly.

The rise in diabetes cases reported last year was a complete mystery to everyone involved. The rates at which the diabetes has been increasing worldwide has spiked to almost 5% each year.


The health researchers have begun looking for ways to reverse this trend, but it has been extremely difficult because the recent rise really comes with no concrete explanation. The only solid evidence that has recently come forward is that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the quick rise in numbers cannot be attributed to genetics. This leaves only one possible explanation for the increase in incidents: the cause has to be somehow related to environmental factors.


The Recent Rise of Diabetes


This recent rise in diabetes cases however has not come as a complete surprise to many. The DIAMOND project of 2006 had conducted a 10 year study of diabetes cases worldwide. Those studies showed that cases in the U.S. alone had risen 5% in that ten year study. Many of the other countries experienced a rise in cases, although not as high as in North America. The reason the issue becomes more complicated is because the trend suggests that this is not simply a U.S. issue; it has become a global concern. This makes finding the true cause very difficult. With no concrete evidence leading researchers in a particular direction, the chances of finding the source of the problem is going to difficult. The global increase in cases also leads to an increased demand for diabetic supply solutions, such as test strips for Accu-chek Aviva monitors and other supplies for diabetes.


Causes of Diabetes


Even with those determinations being made, researchers have come up with a few possibilities that could be the cause behind the latest spike in diabetes cases. The protein in wheat has been considered a possibility, as well as looking into how long infants were fed root vegetables during early years of their development. These studies are still in the early phases and have not provided any conclusive results. Because the list of possible causes is extremely long, researchers are scrambling to try and conduct as many different types of studies as possible. Parasites, viruses, and infections have recently become the focus of many studies in an effort to try and get to the bottom of this latest mystery. Researchers are trying to conduct further studies and find anything that could possibly shed a little light to why and how this disease continues to rise. In the meantime, Freestyle test strips and other supplies for diabetes are still readily available from a number of companies.


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