Apps for Diabetics

diabetes appsManaging diabetes can be difficult and even scary if you’re not totally sure about what to do. Fortunately, with the help of your doctor and your smartphone, you can manage your diabetes with a minimum of problems. Here are a few of the best smartphone apps for diabetics. Some apps are intended to take the place of the more traditional diabetes log book, while others are lifestyle solutions.


Diabetes Log Book Replacements



Glooko Logbook
If you have to log your blood sugar levels throughout the day, which is a good idea for any diabetic, you should consider using Glooko. It syncs up to your glucose meter and tracks your sugar levels for you, eliminating the need to log your levels by hand in a paper-based diabetes log book.



OnTrack Diabetes
This app does it all: it tracks your vital signs like pulse, blood sugar, weight, medication, food intake, and activity levels and can put them all together in a comprehensive format so you can stay on track with your diabetes health management. In some ways, this is an improvement on traditional diabetes log books, in that it makes it easier for you to track things all in one place without having to remember as many details that can help your medical provider.



Diabetes Support Apps



Diabetic Connect

One of the most important things that can help you cope with any disease is support from other people who live with that same illness. And diabetes is so prevalent in American society that there are a lot of sufferers who could use some support. Diabetic Connect lets you get to know other diabetics, who you can trade tips and recipes with, not to mention support each other and deal with the specific problems only diabetics understand.
Glucose Buddy
Push notifications from this app will alert you when it’s time to take your insulin or other diabetes-friendly medicines. The chemical content of your bloodstream is important when you’re a diabetic–blood sugar levels are important, but it’s also important to balance any other medications you might be taking. This diabetes support app helps you ensure that you’re taking your meds when you should, and can keep track of your fat, sugar, and protein intake. It also helps you monitor your exercise habits.

Diabetes Lifestyle Apps



Diabetic Audio Recipes Lite
This app is free for Android users, and it helps take some of the guesswork out of deciding what meals to make. It suggests healthy creations for diabetics, and what ingredients to buy. The bonus? It’s audio-powered, so you can listen to the directions while keeping your hands free to prepare your meal, which means less gunk on your touch screen and fewer germs on your hands as you prepare your food.


This handy little app allows you to scan the bar code, or UPC, of a packaged food item and its nutritional information will come up for you to determine whether you should bother buying it. Its helpful format lists an A-D score for the food, A being healthy to eat and D meaning find an alternative. And it goes one step further by suggesting healthier alternatives to foods you should avoid, helping you keep a healthy diabetes-friendly diet.



This app helps you customize a health plan, including activity, food, and medications, based on your diagnosis and specific information from your doctor. It helps you track these items so you stay on the right course for your health management. It also allows you to securely upload this information to your doctor.


Having diabetes doesn’t mean you stop living normally, enjoying the foods you love, or being active. It simply means you have to be a little more careful with the content of your blood. These apps will help you stay healthy and live a full life with diabetes. If you’re not interested in technological solutions, keep in mind that a diabetes log book can cover the majority of the ground included in these apps, and is easy to use.

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