New Diabetes Drugs Anticipated in 2014

diabetes drugsDoctors and patients alike are aware of the fact that diabetes is a very difficult disease to treat, in spite of the fact that recommendations seem to frequently be common sense. While changes to diet and lifestyle are a major part of managing the chronic illness, and there are a number of products including free style test strips and accuchek lancets to make monitoring blood sugar levels easier, as well as a variety of diabetic supply options, the search for more options and better medications is ongoing. 2014 is likely to be a big year in the development and release of medications for treating type two diabetes in particular, with new advances making it possible for all kinds of diabetics to benefit and live easier lives.


Drug makers are working on an alternative solution to traditional type two diabetes drugs such as metformin, and expect to be able to release good news during the course of the year. The new class of drugs is different from those that are intended to make the body less resistant to insulin; instead, the newer drugs help the body to discharge excess blood sugar via urine. The particularly interesting aspect of these new drugs is that they are additionally helpful in mitigating the side effects of high blood sugar and some of the side effects of traditional medications. Conventional diabetes drugs typically have side effects such as causing weight gain or excessive drops in blood sugar levels. While this does still mean that diabetics will have to continue to monitor their blood sugar levels via monitors and related supplies for diabetes like accuchek lancets and free style test strips, the new medications, which are expected to see release early in the year, would offer more comprehensive treatment options.


Another breakthrough is on the way thanks to carbon nanotubes and other nanotechnologies. Diabetes research companies have been looking for a way to administer insulin medication to type one diabetics less frequently than is currently required; by using nanotechnology, type one diabetics may be able to give themselves an injection of buffered insulin that is depleted by the body more slowly, allowing it to last all week instead of only a few hours. Other innovations that are being worked on include the first viable insulin pill, which would be much easier to take than an injection, and even an inhaled version of insulin. When shopping at your preferred diabetic supply company, you may be able to find these new medications in 2014 right alongside free style test strips and acchuchek lancets and other valuable supplies for diabetics.


Some medications are still being scrutinized by the FDA, but are on their way to approval. One new drug was rejected by the FDA in 2011 but has come up for approval again after repeated testing and refinement has shown a lowering in several of the key risks that caused its initial rejection. Of course, since these are new medications, it’s possible that they will require further refinement as longer-term studies demonstrate unforeseen reactions and other issues, but it is certainly interesting to see the way that drug technologies are developing to help diabetics manage their disease more effectively. The newer medications will still require patients to be scrupulous about checking their blood sugar with accuchek lancets or free style test strips among other diabetic supplies, but there is hope for even better, more refined medicines and treatment options for diabetics everywhere.


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