Family Support is Essential to Diabetes Health

family support diabetesIf you are living with diabetes, it may come as no surprise to you that many with the disease report feeling alone, isolated, and frequently misunderstood. Diabetes is a complex group of diseases, and no two experiences are exactly alike—nor are any two treatment programs. While each person living with diabetes has a different set of challenges and needs, one factor shows up in the best-managed cases time and again: family or community support. While it is certainly important to make sure you have the correct supplies for diabetes, such as bd insulin syringes, or accuchek lancets, true track strips, or any of the other proprietary products for testing and medication, the largest single factor that influences the lives of diabetics is the amount of support they receive from their loved ones in treating their disease.

Research has demonstrated time and again that support from friends and family provides a benefit to diabetes patients in a number of ways. Importantly, living with a chronic disease can be very demoralizing—a truth not just faced by diabetics but also any individual living with any number of diseases that cannot be cured. Support from friends and family, or belonging to a community that offers support and suggestions from experiencing symptoms first hand, can make a major difference in outlook for those diabetics treating their disease. It has been demonstrated over and over again that higher morale leads to better adherence to treatment plans; so where those diabetics who don’t have support may not feel motivated to ensure that they have enough bd insulin syringes, or accuchek lancets, or the other needed supplies for diabetes like true track strips, those who receive support and feel more positively are more likely to feel motivated to make sure that they have what they need.

Another aspect that family support contributes to is the modeling of healthy habits. Particularly in cases when diabetes is diagnosed young, parents can help their children to develop an understanding of exercise and nutrition that is absolutely vital. If it is one or both parents who are living with the disease, the dietary restrictions and exercise needs that diabetics have are healthful for anyone—and may prevent the onset of conditions like type two diabetes in children. Research has shown that healthy habits are socially enforced for many people; when you surround yourself with individuals who don’t care about their own health, your own dedication to healthy living declines. By the same token, healthy habits include making sure that you’re testing regularly and taking the medication you need—and the support of family and loved ones means that you’re more likely to have someone reminding you to make sure that you have enough accuchek lancets, or bd insulin syringes, or true track strips—any and all of the supplies for diabetes that come with the disease.

Finally, support and care from family and friends can help diabetics prevent serious side effects and consequences of their ongoing condition. While it can be frustrating for loved ones to fuss over your daily routine, family members who are supportive and caring can make sure that if, for example, you take too much insulin and experience low blood sugar, you get the right treatment. Engaged and supportive family members can also notice when something is “off,” such as when your blood sugar is high, or if you’re having other difficulties. Just as you need to make sure that you take care of your supplies for diabetes, such as bd insulin syringes, true track strips, or accuchek lancets, having family or friends to help you can make all the difference.

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