Why Do You Need an Insulin Cooler?

smallpouchoIf you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes recently, you may have noticed a particular diabetic accessory called an insulin cooler that you’re curious about. You may wonder how necessary such a diabetic supply is, and whether you should buy one for your own needs. Whether you need an insulin cooler or not is largely dependent on the method that you use for taking insulin, along with a few other factors. When making decisions about diabetic accessories to buy, keep in mind that every person who lives with diabetes has a unique experience—what works well for one person may not work at all for another individual. But there is fortunately a whole range of options available for diabetics to treat their disease, and a diabetes cooler is one of the products that may be a major help to certain patients living with type one diabetes.

An insulin cooler is a product designed to keep vials of insulin at the proper temperature so that the diabetic can carry his or her medicine around with them. This includes traveling, commuting, and other on-the-go needs that insulin-dependent diabetics may have. The coolers are often very small, designed to carry a small amount of insulin, one or two needles, and other associated needs (such as sterilizing swabs). Some diabetics look for diabetes cooler products that also give them sufficient room to carry a small container of fruit juice or glucose tablets, gel, or liquid. Increasingly, the design of insulin coolers is tending towards minimalist appeals—replacing the bulkier makeshift products that resemble regular coolers. Some of them are cloth cooler bags that are easy to stow in a purse or a pocket, while others are still insulated plastic (to avoid crushing), just smaller in size. Depending on how much you want your insulin cooler to do, you can easily find the right product for you.

It is important to note that not all diabetics need a diabetes cooler; while it is very important for diabetics who use a vial and syringe method of insulin administration, those who use insulin pen needles or an insulin pump typically don’t have much of a need for an insulin cooler. Vials of insulin medicine need to remain cool, because at higher temperatures the insulin tends to deteriorate, and it becomes difficult to correctly dose yourself with the number of units of insulin that you need. In the case of the pen needles, the insulin medicine as well as the delivery device is designed to withstand higher temperatures. In the case of an insulin pump, the pump itself maintains the ideal temperature. In these cases, depending on your circumstances you may still need a portable cooler refrigerator—for example, if you are traveling somewhere and need to keep a supply of insulin separate from your pump. Keep in mind as well that your doctor may recommend, based on the products you’re using to administer your diabetes, that you keep your insulin pen device in a cooler pouch for the purpose of safety, particularly if you are in an unusually hot climate.

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