Researching Diabetes Supplies: Syringes

syringesOne of many important diabetic accessories that are frequently purchased by those living with the disease is the syringe; there are a number of important distinctions between insulin syringes and those used for other purposes, which means that buying the correct product requires a little research, particularly for diabetics who have been recently diagnosed and therefore don’t have the background to know what it is they’re looking for specifically when they buy. There are a lot of terms that are used, which can make researching syringes a frustrating task. However, with a little information, the task of researching insulin syringes can be much easier.

There are a number of terms that come along with diabetic syringes; while it is possible to simply search for “insulin syringes,” it’s a good idea to know exactly what kind of syringe you’re about to purchase. Most syringes for insulin users are designed for use with U-100 insulin; the dilution of insulin is such that 1 mL of insulin medicine has 100 standard “units” of insulin—and since insulin vials are typically 10 mL, each vial has 1000 units. However, it is not impossible to also find u40 syringes; in other countries in particular, insulin is available in u40 formulas, and if that insulin is used for emergency purposes, it is possible to use a U-100 insulin syringe as opposed to a u 40 insulin syringe—provided that a reliable conversion is used. There are diabetic resource websites that give in-depth instructions on conversions, and of course contacting a pharmacist and/or your medical provider is also an excellent idea.

It is important to make sure that you are buying syringes that are made particularly for insulin medication; insulin syringes are made specifically for the purpose and are much more self-injection friendly, with features including shorter needles, finer gauge needles and low dead space to reduce complications caused by improper drawing order of different insulin strengths. Insulin, unlike many other injected medications, is supposed to be administered subcutaneously, as opposed to into the muscle.  U-100 syringes, the most common for those looking in the United States, come in a variety of sizes. The standard is the 1cc insulin syringe, which holds a maximum of 100 units, and is number in 10 unit increments for easy dosing. There are also ½ cc syringes, 3/10 cc syringes, and other scales available.

Of course, keep in mind as well that if the idea of a vial and a syringe is not convenient enough for you, your doctor may be able to provide you with information on insulin pen injectors. These devices are more convenient because they come with a pre-measured dose of insulin of a particular strength and to certain specifications. Insulin pen needles are easy to find online, which also gives them an advantage. Insulin pens are generally neater and make insulin dosing more discreet.

Because diabetes is such a common illness, it is fairly easy to research the supplies you need to manage your condition; whether you are looking for a 1cc insulin syringe, a u40 insulin syringe, or an insulin pen needle, it is easy to compare prices and find the product that is right for you online, with a minimum of frustration.

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