Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes symptomsMany patients are blindsided by a diagnosis of diabetes—particularly type two diabetes—because the early warning signs of the condition are not as well-known as those of other diseases. Due to the fact that many don’t realize that they have diabetes until the disease has progressed to more obvious manifestations, or in some cases until routine blood tests show the problem, a great deal of damage may be done to the body in the meantime due to the elevated blood sugar levels. Supplies for diabetes are available from a number of diabetic accessories companies, as well as information for those who are interested in learning about the disease. By knowing some of the symptoms of diabetes, you may be able to help someone you love get treatment quickly and avoid extreme side effects.

In the case of type one diabetes, the body ceases to produce insulin due to the immune system attacking the pancreas and in particular cells that contribute to the body’s knowledge that glucose is present in the blood. The symptoms of type one diabetes typically develop over a short period of time. When people have diabetes, the body’s cells are not able to access the sugar that is present in the blood. The body does not like for there to be high levels of glucose, so it will attempt to “flush” it out, which triggers extreme thirst, leading to frequent urination. Because the body is not able to take energy from the food that is eaten, patients may experience fatigue and constant hunger. One of the ways that insulin impacts the body is the storage of fat—so diabetics may notice that they lose weight even though they are constantly eating. In addition, dry or itchy skin, tingling sensations in the hands and feet, and sores that don’t heal properly, are common early signs of diabetes. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you may eventually need to find a diabetic supply company that you are comfortable with and which is convenient to you, as there are likely to be a number of diabetic accessories you will need.

In type two diabetes, the symptoms are often slower to develop. In many cases, individuals don’t realize the extent of how much difficulty their bodies are going through, because the symptoms creep up on them, going unnoticed until a visit to a doctor brings about the test of their blood sugar. This is because in type two diabetes, the body produces insulin still; the problem is that the body itself becomes increasingly resistant to the insulin it produces, and so the body is not receiving as much nutrition as it should. Patients with type two diabetes will have to buy many supplies for diabetics, although it may be a long time before they need to buy things like insulin syringes or insulin pump supplies. Diabetic supply companies have the products that are needed by individuals with type one and type two diabetes. Overall, the symptoms for both forms of diabetes are very similar; the difference is that with type one diabetes, the symptoms appear in a short period of time while in the case of type two diabetes, they appear more gradually and may even go unnoticed.

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