Treating Diabetes Side Effects

side effects of diabetesOne of the aspects of diabetes that gets the least amount of attention, but which looms the most in the minds of those with knowledge of the disease—and certainly those who are living with the condition—are the side effects. While management programs and medications have made it easier and easier for those with diabetes to have a higher quality of life and fewer complications, there are still a number of side effects that require attention and treatment in order to avoid more serious consequences such as amputation. Many of the diabetic accessories that are needed to treat side effects of the disease are readily available from any diabetic supply company, and can be purchased conveniently online or in person or even on the phone.

Blood pressure and circulation issues are common with individuals with diabetes; this is because when blood glucose levels are high they tend to damage the blood vessels, which in turn causes plaque buildup and other problems. Because of these problems, many diabetics are in need of specialized shoes and stockings, because circulation problems manifest more frequently in the extremities first. One of the ways to go about treating circulation problems in your feet and legs that your doctor might recommend to you is to purchase extra large compression stockings or compression socks that fit your size, in order to help the body’s natural processes. Poor circulation can also result in more difficult recovery from injuries to the feet and hands. Overall, follow your health care provider’s advice for managing blood pressure and circulation in order to avoid some of the complications that come with it.

For a variety of reasons, individuals with diabetes are more prone to skin complications such as bacterial and fungal infections. At one point in history, bacterial infections were incredibly deadly for individuals with diabetes; with the improvements in antibiotics and other medications, infections are no longer as commonly life-threatening. However, they do require vigilance, because an unchecked infection will lead to long-term consequences and can endanger life and limb. It’s important to see your doctor any time you detect an infection forming on your skin and receive advice on the best way to treat it. For more common day-to-day treatment of your skin, diabetic supply companies offer many doctor-recommended products for keeping the skin moisturized and helping with suppressing infections. Companies that offer diabetic accessories frequently have many options available that can assist you in maintaining the proper condition in your skin, to avoid calluses and other annoyances that can become serious injuries.

Because high blood sugar levels affect the nerves so acutely, some common side effects of diabetes include damage to the eyes, ears, and parts of the body where nerves are damaged and become numb. The best way to handle potential eye problems is to be careful about receiving regular eye exams, including tests for glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. Have your hearing checked normally as well—diabetes and hearing loss frequently go together. By the same token, if you begin to notice parts of your body becoming tingly or numb on a regular basis, speak with your physician as quickly as possible—and also keep a close watch on your blood glucose levels. With all of the supplies that are available at diabetic supply companies all over the world, it’s possible to treat some of the side effects of diabetes early on, before they become more serious. As always, keep in contact with your medical provider for advice.

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