How Should you Take Insulin?

insulinIf you have diabetes and part of your treatment and management plan is regular insulin medication, there are a number of options available to you that you should absolutely discuss with your physician. Not every option is a good idea for every patient, and the disease and its management are individual; however, if you are considering discussing the issue with your doctor, it is also a good idea to go into the discussion with a little bit of knowledge about what the options are and the general pros and cons, so that when you have the conversation, you are prepared for the specific information you’ll receive from your doctor. Whether you decide to work with a vial and an insulin syringe, or an insulin pump, along with the insulin pump supplies, or even if you have an interest in switching to an insulin pen needle, information is vital to help you make the choice that’s right for your lifestyle.

Diabetic supply companies offer a number of options to choose from when it comes to the various tools and diabetic accessories required to administer insulin. The most straightforward and well-known method of injecting insulin is the vial and syringe method; this is the method that popular culture recognizes, and the one that many diabetics themselves are very familiar with. Going this route—or continuing this route—has the benefit of consistency; in addition, it allows you to have a firm grasp of how much insulin you are giving yourself. The less convenient aspect of this is that using this method requires you to purchase insulin syringes on a regular basis, as well as to have an insulin cooler, or other carrying case that will keep your medication at the proper temperature while you travel. This method does allow for a variety of choices in terms of cheap insulin syringes, as well as giving you the possibility of using more than one type of insulin medication with relative ease.

Another popular option is the insulin pen device. This invention has made the lives of many diabetics much easier, as the pen contains pre-measured doses of particular types of insulin, which means that there is not a lot of thought that has to go into taking your medication. Insulin pen needles are readily available just the same as the syringes and diabetic accessories that are associated with the vial-and-syringe system. In addition, the needles for insulin pen products are sometimes less painful than the needles for the standard insulin syringe. Insulin pens are not ideal for everyone, and particularly if your medical situation is complex, your doctor may counsel caution—and you should absolutely listen to your doctor on the issue. But for many who take insulin regularly, the insulin pen makes it possible for them to live a more active lifestyle without worrying about maintaining their medication at temperature or measuring doses.

Finally, insulin pumps are another option that is more frequently chosen by type one diabetics. Insulin pumps provide a measured dose through the day as well as a bolus dose at particular intervals. There are risks associated with insulin pumps; there is a higher rate of diabetic ketoacidosis among pump users, and there are other possibilities as well. However, most diabetics who use an insulin pump find that they have more freedom, because they do not have to think as much about scheduling their food and exercise and medication as stringently. In addition, insulin pump supplies are readily available from a number of diabetic supply companies. Pump supplies include a variety of components, and it is true that the device itself is more complex, but many with diabetes favor it because it gives them an enhanced sense of freedom.

Consult with your doctor before making any changes to your insulin medication routine, and discuss the possibilities of how you can get the medication you need.

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