Researching Diabetes Supplies: Lancets

accu chek multiclixOne of the most important diabetic accessories that are a part of daily life for those with the disease is the lancing device and the lancets that go with it. Since blood sugar testing is a frequent necessity for diabetics, the device that a diabetic uses to draw enough blood to test is one that sees a lot of use, and a subject that diabetics have definitive preferences and opinions on. If you are researching diabetes supplies, there are many options available to you; it’s important to remember that while most companies that make glucose testing kits also make lancing devices, it’s not necessary to stick with the lancing device that comes with a particular meter unless it works best for your needs.

There are a few things you should look for in a lancet; for example, point size is a very important factor. The smaller the lancet point, generally speaking, the less pain it will cause for the purposes of sample collection. Depending on how large a sample your meter needs, there is also the choice between needlepoint and blade lancets. Blade lancets have—understandably—blade-like edges, which make a small incision as they enter the skin, making a larger sample easier to obtain. The size of the lancet itself is a consideration; if you have nerve damage or arthritis, a smaller lancet can be difficult to load. And you should also think about the kind of launching device that works best for you; devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and while many devices will take a variety of lancets, some have very particular needs. You should find the lancing device and the lancets that work best for your needs.

For example, you may like the lancing device that comes with the accu check aviva and therefore, you would want to research the accuchek lancets that the device uses. Or if you’re dissatisfied with your current lancing device, you might decide to try the Freestyle line, including freestyle lancets and freestyle test strips. The main benefit of the freestyle system is that the glucose meter requires a much smaller sample, which means that the lancing device and the freestyle lancets are typically much less painful to use. It’s a good idea to try different lancets and research their specifications, particularly if you are dissatisfied with the one you have.

One way to research the different options available to you is to look in your local pharmacy; most will have a variety of lancing devices on hand, complete with models that you can handle (though of course not actually use). You can also look at reviews and specifications online, to learn more about what possibilities are available for your needs. In many cases, there are multiple lancing devices that will work with a particular testing system, and even in the case of lancing devices themselves, there are multiple lancet models and variations that will fit into the device. Whether you discover that you prefer the accuchek lancets or the freestyle lancets, or even a generic brand that is not specific to a particular model of device, doing your research on lancets can make your life a little bit easier.

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