Diabetic Accessories to Make Life Easier

While many people know some of the basic supplies that diabetics need on a consistent basis in order to manage and treat their disease, a surprising number of people—including diabetics—don’t know about the range of accessories that can help to make their lives easier, either by making the task of carrying medications less difficult and more discreet, or by readily treating the conditions that diabetes puts patients at greater risk for. Diabetic accessories can be simple or complex, they can range from very cost-effective to slightly more expensive, and it’s a good idea to do some investigation to find out if a given accessory will help you; but if you or a loved one has diabetes, some of these accessories may make a big difference in the task of managing the illness.

If you’re an insulin-dependent diabetic, there are a lot of options for helping you to more efficiently handle the medications you’re taking. For example, while many diabetics will clip the needles they use for administering insulin manually, this can result in unwanted pricks to the hands; consider purchasing an insulin syringe needle clipper. These tools are not expensive and will make it easier for you to take the sharp point off of your needles when you’ve finished using them, reducing the possibility of someone else injuring themselves. Another great diabetic accessory for insulin-dependent diabetics is a supplies organizer. Those with diabetes who enjoy traveling—or who don’t have a choice—will especially appreciate an insulin supplies organizer. These cases have enough room to contain two bottles of insulin, and generally also include a re-freezable insulin cooler pack, which will cool your insulin for up to 16 hours and protect its potency. The cases also hold up to 5 insulin syringes as well as alcohol swabs.

Other diabetic accessories that are helpful include skin and wound care products. Those who are managing diabetes have different needs when it comes to skincare and wound care; what works for the average individual without diabetes will sometimes be ineffective—and sometimes even be dangerous—for a diabetic to use. Some effects of diabetes on the skin include extreme dryness, slow wound healing, skin infections, loss of skin elasticity, and increased sensitivity to the sun. There are many products that can assist diabetics in treating the variety of skin-related symptoms, including specifically formulated moisturizers, sunscreens, and foot and hand treatments. In addition, diabetics’ wounds often don’t heal in the same way that those without diabetes are accustomed to. It can be an excellent idea to keep some products around for diabetic wound care, such as dressings, carefully formulated gels and liquids for cleaning wounds, and other products that are designed to assist in the healing process. Another common complaint for diabetics is circulation problems; if you suffer from this particular side-effect of the disease and you have larger legs and feet, you should consider a pair of extra large compression stockings.

Whatever diabetic accessories you’re looking for, there are a number of options available for items and products that will do a lot to make your life easier. Speak with your medical provider about some of the things that you should consider purchasing, and keep in mind that diabetes is a very manageable disease—as long as it is properly managed.

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