Types of Diabetes Test Strips

accu chek aviva test stripsIt can take a great deal of time and experimentation for each person to find the diabetes test kit and system that works best for them. One of the positive aspects of the widespread awareness of the disease is that it makes those who live with and manage their symptoms every day more willing to discuss the trials that they’ve made with various test strips and meters. Although every diabetic has different preferences, there are several companies and several glucose test strips that fairly consistently come up as favorites among diabetics. If you’re considering changing brands, or new to shopping for diabetic supplies, it can be helpful to look into resources like this one to get an idea of what to expect from the most popular brands.

One of the most popular glucose test strips out there are Freestyle Lite testing strips. The Freestyle diabetes test requires the smallest blood sample size of the most popular systems. This particular testing system focuses on making it easier for diabetics to monitor their levels by making it easier to get the correct amount of blood; one of the major frustrations that diabetics face is getting enough blood to test properly without having to re-test over and over again. Because of the popularity of Freestyle Lite testing strips, they are available from a variety of diabetic supply companies and the prices are competitive—even if you are lacking in insurance coverage, it is possible for you to get a regular supply of these testing strips at an affordable price.

Another popular option for diabetics is accu-chek aviva test strips. The accu-chek aviva has a great deal of benefit for diabetics who monitor their blood sugar frequently. The meter has a combination of features that make testing fast and easy; the meter includes battery checks and test reminders, which makes it more user friendly than some of the other meters, and accu-chek aviva has a reputation as a reliable system that allows you to test right the first time. As a result accu-chek aviva test strips are extremely popular items to purchase from diabetic suppliers. Like with the Freestyle Lite testing strips, the accu-chek aviva test strips are often competitively priced because of their popularity.

While it is not as popular as the previous two products, there are many patients who prefer the Bayer Contour testing system. Contour strips are between the price of the Accu-chek aviva and the Freestyle Lite testing strips in terms of cost, and the Bayer Contour system has a variety of settings with no coding required. The biggest benefit of the meter is its structural design. Contour test strips have a larger temperature range compared to most of the commercially available test strips on the market, as well.

Whatever products suit your needs best, it is a good idea to keep aware of developing technologies in the world of diabetes management. Test strips are becoming more and more advanced, with innovations making them more temperature-impervious, or more readily portable, or a variety of other tweaks to make it easier and more convenient for diabetics to monitor their blood sugar levels.

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