Best Exercises for People with Diabetes

exercises people diabetesIt has long been said that diet and exercise play key roles in managing blood sugar for diabetics.  There have always been diet and meal plans, but when it comes to exercise, specific choices have not always been made available.  While exercise, any exercise, will certainly not detract from the health of a diabetic, there are now two specific types of exercise that have been proven most beneficial according to a recent study.

Physical activity is important, especially in Type 2 Diabetes. Obesity complicates the management of the disease and is linked to its development, according to the ADA.  Weight management and glucose control are two of the biggest factors in managing Type 2 Diabetes.

Obesity and being overweight can cause additional issues for a person with Diabetes, raising the risk of cardio-vascular disease, stroke and hypertension.

The study followed 262 individuals for nine months, both men and women, who had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  The results show that resistance training, coupled with aerobic exercise, is extremely beneficial in treatment of Type 2 Diabetes.

The men and women chosen for the study did not have an exercise program in place and were mostly sedentary.  The study had some participants practicing resistance training only and some in aerobic exercise only while a third group performed a combination of the two.  Yet another group did not exercise at all.  The study found that the group which combined both types of exercise was better able to manage their blood sugar levels and overall health versus those who only participated in one type of exercise or not at all.

Over the nine month period of the study, 39% of the non-exercisers had to increase or change their medication to help control their Diabetes.  In contrast, of the group which participated in resistance training, only 32 percent needed modifications along with 22% of the aerobic group 18% in the group which combined the exercises.

The results suggest that people managing Type 2 Diabetes should make time for both aerobic and resistance training to get the optimal benefit toward managing the disease.

According to the ADA, people with Type 2 Diabetes should exercise regularly and intensity should be moderate.  Regular activity increases sensitivity to insulin and reduces the risk of hypertension as well as certain risk factors of cardio-vascular disease.

A regular regimen of exercise is recommended.  Be sure to talk to your doctor regarding the best individual program for you.  There are other factors, such as macro or micro-vascular issues which could be exacerbated by an exercise program.  There are particular diagnostics that can be performed in order to screen for any possible issues.  A proper screening and evaluation before beginning a new exercise regimen will give you and your doctor an opportunity to address and discuss any concerns as well as create an individualized plan. And if necessary, help to ensure your success.

Any person who is managing Diabetes and is physically able to participate is highly encouraged to speak with a health care provider to get started with an exercise program as soon as possible.

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