A New Treatment Option for Type Two Diabetes

treatment type 2 diabetesFor many years, people with type two diabetes have been directed to control their blood sugar levels using insulin. Recently, there has been evidence that supports the idea that type two diabetics may benefit more from focusing on glucagon and its sweetening effect. There have been recent studies that state that concentrating on the glucagon’s effect on the blood without repression can help control blood sugar levels better than insulin for those suffer from type two diabetes. Glucagon was discovered in the same period of time that insulin was discovered, but medical professionals leaned towards insulin as being the better medicine to treat type two diabetes. The recent research states these medical professionals could have been wrong. There was not a lot of research conducted at that time. Doctors simply saw insulin could be used as a treatment and focused all of their research on insulin.

Inhibiting Glucagon to Free Glucose in the Liver

Decades later, researchers are trying desperate to find out if glucagon is a better treatment for those who have been diagnosed with type two diabetes. A few years back there was a lot of research conducted concerning incretion drugs to promote insulin secretions.  The research showed surprising results concerning in the inhibition of glucagon. Researchers have been looking for drugs to work against glucagon when glucagon has the ability to free glucose in the liver. This helps to control blood sugar levels.

How Glucagon Works

Once glucagon bonds with an inceptor an enzyme called CaMKll has to be released in order for glucose to be released. Researchers have found that if they block CaMKll they might be able to help those suffering from type two diabetes. When CaMKII is activated it sends proteins to the cell nucleus, which leads to the secretion of glucose. Blocking CaMKII is only an option for those with type two diabetes that is well controlled. Those suffering from type two diabetes that is not well controlled should not consider blocking CaMKII from releasing protein.

More Research Needs To Be Conducted 

There is a possibility that a CaMKII inhibitor will be developed to help successfully block CaMKII so that glucose cannot be secreted. This could prove to be a more effective method of treating type two diabetes in patients. More research needs to be conducted to prove that glucagon can be an effective treatment option. Testing has been successfully conducted on mice with no harmful side effects to be noted. The sugar levels of the mice went down and were successfully controlled once the CaMKII enzyme was successfully blocked. The liver in these mice also became less fatty. The cholesterol levels in the mice also went down. There have been other attempts to stop the effects of glucagon, but the attempts interfered with the other functions of glucagon and were not effective. Researchers are hopefully about what the future will bring concerning type two diabetes and glucagon. This is a treatment option you could consider speaking with your doctor about once more research is provided.


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