The Effects of Diabetes on Your System and Body

old-man-back-problemsOnce you are diagnosed with diabetes, knowing and understanding the effects that the disease has on your system and your body becomes crucial. The symptoms of diabetes weigh greatly on the level of your blood sugar, which, of course, is determined by your body’s ability to create insulin.

When your blood sugar is low, there are multiple concerns for the issues that you will face. By arming yourself with the possibilities, it can become easier to not only try and prevent these concerns from taking over your life and your body, but it can also help you to control them if they do occur. Many may already know that diabetes can affect the heart, but what they may not know is that it can also affect your eyes and your eyesight.

Of course, heart disease is a major concern for diabetics. Concerns with the kidneys are also something that needs to be addressed as well. If the legs, feet and hands start to swell and it becomes a regular occurrence, it is extremely important for the patient to get to the doctor as soon as possible. When left untreated, that can result in daily dialysis, or possibly surgery and even death in some cases.

One concern that many are unaware of is nerve damage. This occurs when the sugar in the blood takes over the nerve and destroys it. The patient can feel numbness and tingling in their hands, feet, legs and arms. This, of course, can lead to even further issues, such as erectile dysfunction in men or sexual dysfunction in women. Because nerve damage makes it hard for many patients to feel, it also means that they need to keep a close watch on their body. It could be very easy to get a scratch or a cut and not know it. This can lead to infection and even hospitalization if they are not careful to examine all body parts at least twice a day.

Although the medical concerns of diabetes are there for all patients to be aware of, the disease affects everyone differently in both the body and the mind. One of the most important things for a patient to do is to accept the fact that they have diabetes and live their life the healthiest way that they can. By taking care of yourself both physically and mentally, it gives you a fighting chance against the disease and the ability to live a healthy life. Yes, there are changes that need to be made in not only diet, but also in exercise, the way you dress, the amount of sleep you get, and of course, the medications that need to be taken each and every day.

Even with all of this, it is still possible to live a healthy lifestyle and be a happy person. It is important not to take on a negative outlook, as positivity is vital to maintaining and fighting diabetes. With the right knowledge, it is easier to fight the good fight.

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