Following a Diet with Diabetes

Kozzi-fresh-healthy-food-883-X-588Yes it is true that when you have diabetes you need to change the way that you eat, but it is not a diet that is so far off the beaten path that you have to create your own foods. When watching what you eat with diabetes the foods that are healthy for you are also healthy for your entire family as well. It is not necessary to make one meal for yourself and a separate one for your family. The foods that you need to eat are to keep your blood sugar (glucose) under control and your weight as well.

One of the most important things to watch for in someone that is diabetic is carbohydrates. Of course the amount of proteins and fat are also very important to watch but carbohydrates have the biggest impact on your glucose levels. By telling your physician the amount of time that you exercise and the type as well, they will be able to use the information of your lifestyle in order to work out a diet plan that will fit your life and the medications that you need to take as well. With the correct balance it can be easier to maintain diabetes and keep it under control.

Knowing what you can and cannot have will make a big difference in the way that you do things. For example, alcohol is not the best thing in the world for someone with diabetes. Not every diabetic can have alcohol but for those that can it is crucial to know how certain types of drinks can affect your glucose level. Understanding that mixed drinks and even wine are going to turn into sugar or contain sugar right from the start will help you to watch how much you have, if any at all, in order to keep your sugar level where it needs to be.

Another thing that you need to be aware of is the glycemic index of the foods and drink that you are having. A food or drink that has a lower glycemic level seems to have a smaller impact on your sugar levels. Naturally if the index is higher it may raise your levels and bring on symptoms that you do not want to experience with high blood sugar content. Your doctor will be able to help you better understand the glycemic index in foods so you can manage your diet better.

High fiber foods can be a plus in your diet so you stay on track. It is important that you never skip a meal and that you watch the portion sizes. Naturally by doing this you will be able to not only manage your diabetes but you will also be able to better manage your weight. This is very important as being overweight is very dangerous for diabetes and can help to reduce your chances of other medical conditions such as heart disease. Speaking with your doctor about a healthy diet for diabetes can help to keep things balanced and keep you healthy.

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