The Right Types of Foods to Eat with Diabetes

Kozzi-italian-spaghetti-pasta-tomato-ingredients-884-X-588One of the biggest changes for someone to make in their lives once they have been diagnosed with diabetes is in the way that they eat. It is one of the most important things that you need to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your diabetes under control. There is a food pyramid for those that are diabetic, and it consists of six food groups. They are fats, oils and sweets; dairy; meat, meat substitutions and other protein; fruits; vegetables; and breads, grains and other starches.

Following this chart can help you to stay on track with the foods that you eat. The fats are at the bottom of the pyramid and the breads are at the top. Using the pyramid to plan your meals and as a guide for what shop for means to simply purchase more from the top of the pyramid and less as you work your way down. Of course, there are good foods and bad foods that are in each category as well, however, even if something is not that great for you, it may still be okay to have it in moderation. For example, when it comes to breads, whole grain flour is better than white. You will also see that brown rice is better than white rice or processed grains. Finding cereal that you like that contains little sugar and a good amount of fiber is also important.

Vegetables are an important part of your diet, but eating fresh over canned is the best choice. If you do eat canned, then choose one that is low in sodium. You should also avoid adding cheese, sauces and lots of butter to your vegetables. Cucumbers are great for you if they are fresh, so avoid pickles as much as possible. Also, you can enjoy shredded cabbage and coleslaw with your meals too. Sauerkraut, however, can raise your blood pressure.

Fruits are healthy for you as well, however, they can contain a lot of sugar, so finding the right ones is important. Fruit packaged in natural juice is okay but stay away from fruits that are packaged in syrup, even if it’s light syrup. Go with fresh fruit as much as possible, along with sugar free preserves, applesauce with no sugar added and even fruit juice that is labeled as 100% juice.

Meats are an excellent source of protein. Great choices are baked, broiled, or grilled meats, with low cuts of fat; as well as turkey bacon, fish that is baked, broiled, steamed or grilled. Avoid foods that are fried, high in fat or still have the skin, such as un-skinned chicken.

Dairy is best when fat content is 1% or less, along with low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese, nonfat sour cream and even frozen yogurt that is low in fat.

Stay away from regular foods. When it comes to your snacks, eat food that is baked and not fried. With the right choices in your food groups you will be able to stay healthy, feel better and not worry about what you are eating each and every day. Of course, you can still trade off once in awhile for a treat.

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