Fast Food and Diabetics

Kozzi-burger_and_fries-883x588Does Fast Food Affect Diabetics? Yes. But a diabetic eating fast food does not have to have a negative context. In fact, if a diabetic knows what to order and plans ahead, fast food can be consumed. It is essential to keep in mind the nutritional necessities that are key to a healthy and functioning body, especially if you are a diabetic. Many dieticians and doctors will often recommend certain meals for diabetics. Eating a plethora of foods in moderation is also crucial to controlling blood glucose levels. Here are a few tips that may work well for diabetics who like fast food:

  • Understand the nutritional value of the meal you are considering ordering. Many fast food choices are high in calories and fat and can contribute to a rise in glucose levels, but not all choices. Many fast food restaurants have started adding more nutritional items to their menus such as salads and fruit related dishes.
  • Chicken and fish are always better alternatives than hamburgers. Even if you consider ordering fried chicken or fish, it is a safer alternative than beef, yet if a fast food restaurant has a grilled option; go for that.
  • Know your limits. Fast food is tasty and is meant to be enjoyed in moderation. Know your levels before going to a fast food restaurant and try to plan accordingly as to what you will be eating. Fast food tends to linger longer in our bodies than we know, which makes this tip all the more important.
  • Stay away from a biscuit or a croissant. Opt for a sandwich on a bun if possible.
  • Go for the bean burritos and soft tacos at fast food Mexican restaurants. Limit the amount of sauces you use, and if you can get by without using any sauces, go for that.
  • Finish your meal with something refreshing, yet sweet. Try fat-free yogurt or bring a piece of fruit from home instead of ordering anything. Yogurt has less sugar than ice cream, thus not spiking glucose levels in the blood.
  • The more vegetables the better. If the restaurant you are visiting has a salad bar, head for it. Pile on the extra veggies as much as possible. Limit the amount of cheese or toppings such as bacon bits and sour cream you may use. Go for the lighter dressings also that will not contribute to a rise in blood sugar levels.
  • Many fast food restaurants have broiled options if you ask. If they are not shown on the menu, ask if your meal can be prepared as such.
  • Stay away from anything giant or jumbo. Large portions usually have more calories than your body needs. Go for the regular-sized or even the kid-sized meals to limit the amount of calories your body takes in.

Eating fast food should be a pleasurable experience and it can be for a diabetic with the proper knowledge of what to do and what not to do beforehand. It is important to understand that diabetics can enjoy the same things that non diabetics can as long as it is done in moderation.

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