Diabetic Kids and School

Kozzi-education-children-happiness-884-X-588Sending our little ones off to school is an exciting and scary time for both the parents and the kids. When it comes to kids that are diabetic, parents have to rely upon the school to take care of them while they are attending class, and that can be very scary for parents. Before school begins it is important to set up a meeting with the principal and the school nurse so that they are aware of your child’s health and the steps that need to be taken. Going one step further and meeting with the teachers is also important. They can be made aware of what certain signs are in case your child needs medical attention right away. The right steps can be taken for speedy help.

Working closely with your child’s school is vital so that you will feel your child is safe and that they are able to get a good education. The teachers and staff will also feel more comfortable in knowing what to do is case a situation does arise that needs attention. When meeting with the staff at your child’s school, you can explain the condition of diabetes as well as signs and symptoms that they should be aware of. Review with them the procedure that you have in place when it comes to the times that your child should receive their medication such as insulin and how often they need to check their blood glucose levels.

We all know that eating is class is not permitted but if your child’s levels start to drop they may need an emergency snack in order to bring things back to normal. It is important that the school staff, teachers and nurse are aware of this. If needed, your child should be permitted to go to the nurses office or the school office so they can eat and drink something in order to keep their blood glucose normal. Working as a team can keep everyone calm and give safety to your child.

Be sure that everyone has your emergency contact numbers as well as their doctor and the hospital in case of an emergency and your child needs to be seen right away. Explain to everyone the signs and symptoms that your child may have if they are experiencing hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia so they can notify you right away. By reviewing the emergency plan of whom they should call and the process to follow you will be able to rest assured that your child is in safe hands during the school day. It can also keep the nurse or other staff from panicking when they do not know what it wrong. Information is the key a safe and secure environment.

If your child is in pre-school or elementary school, you may want to suggest to the teacher that they explain what diabetes is to the class. It can be helpful so if your child does have an attack that they students can alert the teacher and not get scared.

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