The Risk of Polycystic Ovary Disorder and Diabetes

Kozzi-a-young-woman-is-sad-and-crying-883-X-588With all of the health concerns that women need to worry about regardless of whether they are healthy or ill, diabetes just seems to add more fuel to the fire when it comes to medical concerns. PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, is one concern that many women would rather do without. Those that have diabetes need to make sure that they receive their regular checkups in order to be certain that their reproductive system is not in any trouble medically. It is a health concern that is normally found in women that are very overweight or are insulin resistant, and possibly have Type 2 diabetes. It is does not need to be a combination of these; only one condition needs to be there.

Some of the most common symptoms of the disorder are obesity or being overweight, irregular periods, cysts on the ovaries, and hair that grows on the back, chest and the face. It is often found that women who have PCOS have many cysts, but it is also possible that they will not have any of the symptoms as well. Those that are diagnosed will find that they will also be diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance. The imbalance is caused from a lack of estrogen and progesterone, and too much testosterone being made by the body.

There is just one more concern. It is not known if PCOS is a cause of obesity or if it is the other way around. However, as with many other findings, the right diet and exercise program can actually lower the risk of PCOS and the symptoms. This could be because there is less insulin resistance present, which improves the body’s functions. Of course, the disorder is also known to cause heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and Syndrome X. There are medications that women can take in order to lessen the symptoms or prevent PCOS altogether. They can help your skin to clear up and even stop the hair from growing in places that it should not. This alone can boost your morale.

As with any medications that we take, it is important to follow the directions and advice that our doctors give us. For example, while taking the medications needed for this treatment, it is important to use your birth control to avoid pregnancy. Not only can it be dangerous to you and a baby, but it can also cause twins or more to develop. This is not something that every woman wishes for when they get pregnant, so caution and protection are the key, as is just waiting.

Of course, as women, we know and understand that there may be an obstacle that comes our way every now and again. However, when we arm ourselves with the right ammunition, it is possible to overcome those obstacles and make mountains move. Diabetes may be one of those mountains and PCOS could be an obstacle, but there is a way to beat both and live a happy life in the end.

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