The Risks of Hypersmolar Syndrome and Diabetes

diabetes-hands2When diabetes is not controlled and the blood sugar levels become too high for a long period of time, hypersmolar syndrome can become a very serious risk factor. It is not something that shows up overnight but develops over a period of time such as days or possibly weeks before you start to see any signs. Knowing what to look for in signs and symptoms is very important in being able to catch the condition quickly and stop it in its tracks before even more sever medical complications decide to rise.

Things to be on the lookout for are dry mouth, constantly thirsty, going to the bathroom more often, blood sugar levels being too high, fever, tiredness, your skin being very warm and there is no sweat, loss of vision, hallucinations, feeling confused, convulsions, always feeling tired and at worse falling into a coma. Recognizing the signs of when you should seek the advice and care of your doctor is also important. If you notice fever, going to the bathroom more often, constantly thirsty or the warm skin make an appointment. Of course if your blood sugar levels are higher than normal and you cannot get them where they need to be, get in to see a doctor right away.

There are different causes as to what may bring on hypersmolar syndrome in diabetic patients. If you are not following the directions of your doctor when it comes to your medications or diet and exercise plan, getting sick, taking other medications or if you have another illness such as an UTI, pneumonia or even a dental infection you could be at risk. It is also possible that you may be diabetic and not yet diagnosed, and without the proper treatment plan you may be a candidate for hypersmolar syndrome without even realizing it.

Anyone that is diabetic can be at risk. However, there are certain factors that can put you in a high risk category. These include having type 2 diabetes, being diagnosed with other health conditions such as kidney or heart disease, and being of an older age. Another factor that put you at a higher risk are if you get some type of an infection or virus. Also, some medications may be a culprit such as prednisone or even anti-seizure medications. Before you take any medications, whether prescribed or over the counter, it is important to discuss all situations with your doctor before you begin them.

When hypersmolar syndrome sets in there can be severe complications. The end result can be a heart attack, stroke, convulsions and it can even lead to a coma. In some cases if it is not treated fast enough it can even lead to death. From the moment that you recognize something is not right it is important to seek medical help right away. By acting quickly it can mean the difference between life and death. By maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and following your doctor’s diabetic plan, you will be able to keep it at bay and stay healthy.

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