Breast Cancer and Diabetes

Kozzi-solidarity-symbol-308-X-420There are many worries and concerns when you are diabetic and for women, breast cancer has a higher risk factor for them. It is not exactly known why but it may be the higher levels of insulin in the body that contributes to the risk. Of course obesity is also a contributing factor to breast cancer as well and when you combine the two the risk is even greater. No matter how you slice and dice it, there is a 20% greater risk of breast cancer for women who are diabetic as opposed to those who do not have diabetes also.

By maintaining a healthy weight and watching your blood sugar levels you will be able to help lower your risks. Whether you are pre-menopausal or already in menopause, the blood sugar levels increase during this time period, which of course increases the chances. It can also mean that women are at more of a risk of gaining weight as well which contributes to the factors. There cannot be enough said for having a healthy diet, taking the right amount of exercise and getting control over your weight and blood sugar levels. Not only will this minimize the risks, but you will feel better for it too.

Naturally early detection of breast cancer increases the chances of a good outcome. It is important to seek mammograms regularly, starting at the age of 40. Even before that, when making your visit to the gynecologist you should have a breast exam at least once every three years till the age of 39 and after 40 once a year. All women should be performing breast self exams at home no matter what their age, including those who are 20 or younger. Knowing the feel of your breast tissue is important to be able to detect any changes in your body that may be cause for concern.

If there is a history of breast cancer in your family there is not only an increased risk for you to follow down the same path but for someone that is diabetic it means that their risk factor is even greater than the average person. Naturally there does not need to be a history to put you at risk and no matter if you have diabetes or not, there are things that you can do in order to lower your risks. For someone who is overweight than shedding a few pounds is in your favor, as is eating a healthy diet and avoiding those diets that are only going to work for a short period. Fiber is a plus as it is a great way to help control your blood sugar, eat more whole grains, have your blood sugar levels checked, get up off the couch and take some exercise.

With the right plan of action you will be able to control your diabetes and lower your risk of breast cancer all at the same time. Everyone wants to feel healthy and the proper diet and exercise program can give you just that and much more for a long happy life.

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