Dealing with Mental Illness and Diabetes

Kozzi-depressed-business-man-883-X-588Managing diabetes on a daily basis takes effort on the patient’s part and can be draining at times when things are not going the right way. There are many medical conditions that can factor into diabetes and mental illness is one of them. It has been found that those with a mental illness actually have a higher rate of being diagnosed as diabetic as well. Other health conditions that are related to diabetes are also a risk factor such as high cholesterol and obesity. This can be due to the illness itself or the medications that the patient is taking which can cause weight gain.

The rate is doubled in the diagnosis of mental illness in those that have diabetes compared to those that do not. Because of the anxiety and stress that diabetes can put on someone the state of mental health is always as risk. Of course, when you combine all of the issues and concerns that surround the disease it is no wonder that depression can set in and the mental state of someone can be in question. It is very easy to tell someone that they need to have a positive attitude about their situation but when your blood sugar levels are not consistent and your mind starts to play tricks on you it becomes harder and harder to go with the positive role in your life.

When you combine your physical and mental condition with a serious life threatening disease it can make it harder to take care of yourself. If depression sets in or mental illness takes over you will not take care of your physical needs the way that you should. This means that you may have poor eating habits, stop exercising, and of course your medication is going to fall to the wayside. All of this combined means that your blood sugar levels are going to jump through the roof or be at an all time low. The end result is that your diabetes is going to suffer and your mental state is going to go downhill without you even realizing it. Your health could end up in serious danger.

One of the most important things that you can do is to have a support group. Whether you have family and friends that can be there for you or you join a group to be able to speak with others that are experiencing the same things you are going through. Of course if you already have a mental illness and you are diagnosed with diabetes it is like a double whammy and in the beginning it may seem a struggle to get it all under control. However, with proper medication and keeping in constant contact with your doctor you may be able to manage it all and still lead a happy and healthy life. Yes, it may be difficult but, you can take control of your life and try to work through things the best that you can with the help of your doctor.

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