Deciding On Diabetic Insulin Pump Therapy

blood-sugar-monitor2Type 1 diabetes means a lifelong regimen of insulin medication for those affected. The method of injection may not seem so bad for someone who does not have fear of needles and can remember to give themselves a shot at the same time each day. However for children, the elderly or even for someone who is ill and cannot give themselves an injection, insulin pump therapy is an option that can be considered. Of course even someone that may live a busy lifestyle or needs to take different types of insulin can consider this option as well.

Thanks to new and advanced technology the insulin pump has become smaller and easier to use. Its purpose is to provide you with insulin around the clock to eliminate the worry of missing a dose. At one time the pump was connected to a tube with a needle at the end which was placed under the skin of your stomach. Every few days the needle would be changed out as well as the site it was placed in order to keep the patient from getting an infection. Now, the insulin pumps which are available actually attach right to your skin which eliminates the tubing.

No matter what your lifestyle is, the pump can meet your needs. The dosage amount can be adjusted to a suitable level for what you are going to be doing or eating at a specific time. Even if you need to take different types of insulin at specific times you will be able to use the pump. Because an insulin pump is small and runs on battery power, you can clip it on the belt of your pants, wear it under clothes or even put it in a pocket. All of this is especially important if the pump is going to be used by a child.

An insulin pump has many benefits for the user. Above all it is easy to use. It can give you the flexibility that you may need when it comes to your dosage. Perhaps you are going to eat something that will require more or less insulin. It is as easy as adjusting the dosage on the meter. You can even disconnect it if you need to and it can be used during the night while you sleep for a continuous dosage. Many of the pumps available today are also water resistant which means you can wear them even while you swim.

The safety of an insulin pump may be a concern but you can put your fears to rest. They are so easy to use that even children are able to operate them with a little instruction. Many of the pumps on the market even come with alert sounds so if a tube if blocked or if you hit a button by accident it will make a noise to let you know that something is wrong. The choice of insulin pump therapy is one that should be made between you and your doctor depending on your comfort levels.

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