Diabetes Associated with Bladder and Sexual Concerns

Kozzi-young-couple-in-conflict-441-X-294For someone that has diabetes, they have a lot of medical concerns that are always lurking right around the corner. Since diabetics are at a higher risk for many of the issues that are not as common for someone without diabetes, they need to be extra careful in the way that they take care of themselves. A major concern for many is a bladder infection which can also be linked with UTI or urinary tract infection. Naturally, both of these conditions can be painful and bring with it a lot of discomfort. In the middle of this, you are going to find that your sex life is going to suffer as well.

Diabetes is a major contributor to bladder conditions especially because of the nerve damage that the disease can cause. One of these conditions is something called an overactive bladder. This occurs when there is nerve damage and the muscles around the bladder are told to be active and you have no signal that it is happening. The symptoms can include leaking urine, the strong need to go out of the blue, and going more often. With the possibility of nerve damage to the sphincter muscles, the tube which takes urine from the bladder and removes it from the body can become damaged and the muscles may become weak which means that you can leak urine.

If you find that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your doctor can perform different types of tests in order to determine if you are having a bladder problem. These can include cystoscopy, x-rays, or urodynamic testing to see how the bladder is functioning. There are different methods that can be done in order to treat bladder concerns. The type of treatment that is given is all going to depend upon what is causing the trouble. Medication can be given to someone that is having a hard time going and to strengthen muscles or Kegel exercises can be recommended to help make the muscles stronger. Surgery may be a possibility as well.

Urinary tract infections are also a possibility for someone that has a bladder infection. The symptoms of this are a burning sensation and/or pain in the bladder when going to the bathroom, feeling as though you need to go to the bathroom more often, and even your urine turning cloudy or a red color. This form of infection can come from the kidneys, the bladder, or the digestive system itself. The sooner the condition is diagnosed the faster treatment can begin and less complications can arise.

Naturally, early detection and diagnosis of a bladder condition can be vital to prevent further medical issues. Of course with the pain and discomfort that can tag along with this problem, it is going to affect your sex life and it can be even more painful. By getting diagnosed early, you will be able to avoid more serious concerns as well as get your life back to normal without the pain that you may be feeling.

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