Being Diabetic and Proper Nutrition

Kozzi-fresh_apples_and_orange_fruit_on_plate-416x312One of the most common things associated with taking care of diabetes is a proper diet and making sure that you are getting the right balance of nutrients. The right combination of foods can help you to not only keep your weight at a healthy level but it can also balance out your blood sugar levels. For a person who is type 2 diabetic and needs to take insulin, the right diet and exercise program can help to keep the necessary control and in some cases, medication can be eliminated altogether. This is when the knowledge of what foods to eat and how much will come in handy for a balanced way of life.

In order for type 2 diabetes to be controlled, the blood glucose levels need to be kept as close to normal as possible. This is where the right types and amounts of foods can come into play. For example, fresh vegetables and fruits are great for lowering your cholesterol and black beans are known to help the blood sugar not to spike after you have eaten. Of course when you combine certain foods such as black beans and whole grain rice you are not only going to get the benefit of the beans but you will also get the protein you need without the fat that can come from dairy and/or meat. Of course, a good diet will also help you to maintain a healthy weight which is important for diabetes as well.

Although type 1 diabetes patients will always have the need for medication, the inclusion of a proper diet will not only help them to maintain the disease better but it will also help the organs of the body to stay healthy. No matter if the patient is type 1 or type 2 diabetic, the diet will be basically the same. There are, of course, exceptions as the patient’s health plays a big role in dictating exactly what they need. But, plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, with sweets and salt kept to a minimum, lowering the amount of trans fats, cholesterol and saturated fats, watching your portion size and of course reducing the amount of alcohol that you drink – if any – are all great habits when you are diabetic.

It is possible that your doctor may recommend supplements in order to help keep your weight and blood sugar levels under control. The type of diabetes you have been diagnosed with will be a great decision factor in the type of diet that you will need to have as well as medication. Yes, patients with type 2 may be able to cut out the need for oral medication altogether with the proper diet. Patients with type 1 diabetes will always have the need for medication however, it is possible that they may be able to reduce the amount that they need to take.

Sitting down with your doctor from the moment that you are diagnosed can help you to get off to a healthy start with your treatment plan. The earlier a proper diet is started the easier it can be to bring your diabetes under control and get your health back to the level you desire.

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