The Effects of Coffee and Tea with Diabetes

Kozzi-coffee-441-X-294Taking care of ourselves and staying healthy is a goal that many people strive for each and every day. Of course we read about how obesity and other health complications can lead to diabetes and we may stop and pause for a moment and reflect on the way that we live our lives and the things that we may be able to change. Whether you are a coffee lover or perhaps prefer tea, there is good news in the health department. It has been shown that coffee may help in the prevention of diabetes and tea may help in the boosting of insulin levels and how the insulin is used in the body.

At one time coffee was believed to actually increase the risk of someone developing diabetes, but more recent studies have shown just the opposite effect. The feeling is that the caffeine in the coffee has something to do with disrupting a chemical reaction. Therefore decaffeinated coffee seems to be the answer. For men, those that consumed at least six cups of coffee per day actually reduced their diabetes risks in half. In women the risk was reduced by thirty percent. It appears as though that the metabolism of sugar in the body is affected by certain compounds in the coffee.

During research studies those that had seven or more cups of coffee per day actually reduced the risk of diabetes (type 2) by fifty percent. Of course the less coffee you drank the more the risk. However, consuming more than seven cups in a 24 hour period of course can be the cause of many other medical concerns so it is important to monitor the amount that you drink. Because it is the coffee itself that you want and not the caffeine, those that may get jittery from drinking regular coffee can feel comfort in knowing that they can drink decaffeinated and enjoy the same results.

Tea lovers will find that they can get great results for diabetes as well. Unfortunately herbal teas do not work but black, oolong or even green tea can get your insulin up and moving by fifteen times more than it is now. In order to reap the benefits of insulin activity however you would need to drink at least one cup of tea every couple of hours. The effects seem to wear off much faster than with coffee. And you also need to drink you chosen type of tea without any milk or cream. The added ingredients seem to have a reverse affect on the tea and insulin interaction.

It is always good when we find that there are everyday things we enjoy in our lives that can aid in helping us to stay healthier and take preventative measures. If you are a coffee or tea lover this is wonderful news for you but it is important to remember that you need to consume only the right amount in order to avoid other health concerns along the way.

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