The Connection of Type 1 Diabetes and ADHD

adhd and diabetesWhen a child is diagnosed with any type of disease it can be difficult on the parent. There are emotions that take off on their own, and of course the questions that start running through the mind can seem confusing. Although it is stressful at times caring for a child who is ill, everything can seem compounded when there is more than one medical concern. Children who have type 1 diabetes live a lifestyle that is special to their needs but when you add ADHD to the picture, as a parent, things can start to get somewhat heavy on the mind and body which can wear you down.

A child that is insulin dependent will be in need of their medication at specific times and of course you need to watch their diet and in some cases the amount of play time that they have. ADHD or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder of course has its own specific types of medications that the patient needs to take as well. It is important to know and understand where the levels of diabetes are and factor in any other medical conditions that the child may have in order to know and understand whether any of the medications and treatments for ADHD may conflict.

As long as the patient’s blood sugar levels are kept under control, they eat a healthy diet and the right amount of medication is given, type 1 diabetes can be kept under control. With ADHD, the symptoms such as inattention, impulsiveness, hyperactivity and being easily distracted can sometimes make it difficult to treat the diabetes. Asking questions about the medications for ADHD and knowing how they work is also vital. Many of them can cause a loss of appetite which is not a good thing when it comes to keeping the diabetes under control and vice versa. Finding the right routine for both eating and medication times can help this situation.

Although it has not been found that one medical condition causes the other, the blood glucose levels in the body have an effect on both. The levels need to be as close to normal as possible in order to keep the diabetes under control and glucose is also needed for the brain in order to do its job correctly. When the levels are off it can enhance the symptoms of ADHD making them worse and the patient will then get tired and irritable because of the absence of energy. Of course when a child has ADHD and they want to run around all the time, this can be hard to control and just adds fuel to the fire. You want them to be calm but not to the point where they sleep all day.

By working with your doctor, you should be able to produce a plan where the medications for both of these conditions can work together in order to keep your child calm and healthy too. And, although it can seem difficult at times, as a parent you need to keep things as normal as possible

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