Are Generic Diabetes Test Strips Right For You?

genstripsThe high cost for medical supplies and medications can make it hard for many to keep up and get the things that they need. For someone that is diabetic, the cost of insulin and test strips can be outrageous, especially if they do not have medical insurance. Many companies have come up with solutions to this situation by putting generic brands on the market. One of these is a small Southern California-based company called Pharma Tech Solutions. The company has recently presented a product called the Shasta GenStrip – an affordable alternative that can be used with the top-selling JnJ LifeScan meters.

The Shasta GenStrips are said to be similar to the widely used OneTouch strips, yet they are sold for half the price and better yet, are even more accurate the company claims. This is what makes their product different from those of other generic brands. While generics are generally implied to work as the replica of a particular product, Pharma Tech Solutions says the GenStrips work even better than those of which the product is based off of- making the decision process for purchasing them seem almost like a “no-brainer”.

It’s not just the company’s marketing strategy that boasts the Shasta GenStrips to be the ideal alternative, but it’s also reflected in the data they’ve compiled to prove it.  The data shows that the GenStrip exceeds the current FDA accuracy standard – 99.8% of the time for results at 75 mg/dL or above, the strip is within 20% accuracy range; and 97.1% of the time, it’s within 15% when results are lower than 75. Apparently, that’s better than the LifeScan OneTouch meters, which remain popular today after years since their development.

While the GenStrips may be a wonderful solution for you, there are still many factors in shopping for generic test strips which may vary with different people. One of the first things that you want to look for is that it will work with the current monitor that you are using. Do a little research on the product that you are considering, such as on the internet or read the box in the store. Look for a list of monitors that the strip is compatible with so you know for sure that it will fit and do its job correctly. If you purchase strips that are not made for your specific device you may find that the results will be wrong which could make you believe that you need to adjust your medication when in fact there is nothing wrong at all.Description:

The cost of the strips is the main reason why patients are starting to look into generic strips. A name brand strip can cost you $1 or more per strip. The cost of the generic strips can be half that amount and in some cases even less. Yes, this can make you want to run out and purchase the first generic strip that you can find. However, as said earlier, it is important to make sure that you are getting strips that will work with the monitor that you have.

If you are considering a generic brand that you have never heard of before you should also do a little research on the product to see how it rates. Not only do you want to know that it is going to work with your equipment you should also look into the accuracy rate that they have as well. We all know that machines are not perfect and things can go wrong. When it comes to testing your blood sugar levels it is never more important to get the results as close as possible when you are diabetic. The results could mean the difference between life and death in many cases.

Although you may read that generic test strips are not the way to go, you are also going to find that many of the off-brand names on the market today have been tested and FDA approved. If you are in doubt, speak with your physician who can help to put your fears to rest and some money back into your pocket.

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