Making the Choice of Basal Insulin for Diabetes

Insulin DiabetesWhen it comes to taking medications for diabetes, there are oral forms and also the most common ones that you inject. For those that may take insulin, you will find that are many types of this as well which include short-term, long-term, and fast-acting. It is not uncommon to take different forms of the insulin and different times of the day or to even mix them together. The amounts and types of medication that you take will change time and time again. This comes from age and just from the disease progressing over time.

One type of medication that may be taken for type 2 diabetes is basal-bolus insulin. This is a method where a various mix of insulin is combined together for treatment. Throughout the progress of your day, the body makes glucose and at different times, such as after you eat. For this reason, insulin needs to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is a basal and a bolus of the insulin being made and used, thus the name of the medication. The basal part of the medication takes care of issues with glucose being made by your liver throughout the day and the evening, while the bolus side helps the pancreas with the insulin that you need when you eat.

For someone that is type 2 diabetic, their body is not producing the amount of insulin that it needs which means that the blood sugar levels can go through the roof. The purpose of taking the insulin is to help the body function the way that it is supposed to as it is not able to produce and or use the insulin that it has the correct way. In the beginning of diagnosis, it is possible that you will need to vary the types and amounts of medication that you take in order to get it under control. Of course once things are stable, it can be easier to manage. However, as the disease progresses over the years and you begin to age, it can become more difficult to determine how much or what type you may need. An easier method may be preferred for medication.

In making the decision to take basal insulin as your choice of medication, you are going to be taking a combination of different types of insulin. Yes, you may need to change the dosage at some point and time; however it is able to work on both ends of the playing field in order to help you keep your diabetes under control. There is no mixing, as it will come already set for you.

Naturally, the choice is one that needs to be decided upon between you and your doctor in order to make the right decision for the stage of your diabetes. This can be a great option for someone that is older and may have to give themselves several different injections a day for a mix of medication. When taking the basal insulin, you will be able to get what you need all day.

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