Diabetes and the Concern of Skin Infections

diabetes and skin infectionsWith the many concerns that diabetics have when it comes to taking care of themselves, their skin is one factor that cannot be overlooked. No, we cannot prevent every little scratch or cut, and as we all know, things happen. However, paying close attention to your body in order to catch things early is of great importance when you are diabetic. Often nerve damage plays a role as it can be hard to feel when there is damage to the skin. Doing a complete check over of your skin each time you get out of the shower can help to avoid concerns of infection.

Although not very common, Necrobiosis Lipoidica can occur in diabetic patients. This happens when the collagen and fat in the body are not deposited correctly and the walls of the blood vessels become thick. The legs are affected the most and it can cause disfiguration. Although it is not gender specific, women are at a higher risk for this disease. However by managing blood sugar levels it can be prevented from happening in the first place. Although there are treatments for the condition once developed, they cannot bring back the original look of your legs.

Another skin condition known as diabetic dermopathy can be seen in anyone however it is most common in those with diabetes. It is common in those that have had diabetes for a long period of time and are older. This is when the skin is purple or brown in color and it sprouts up in patches on the body. The most common spot on the body for this is the shin but it can happen in other areas where the skin has had damage from some type of injury. In getting control of the blood sugar levels and combining zinc treatment with this, the patches have been known to either disappear completely or at least improve considerably. Unfortunately this can take several months.

Fungal infections can cover a lot of areas on the body. There are many different types which can occur and they can be seen almost anywhere. Tinea pedis is a common fungal infection that affects the area between your toes. It spreads like wildfire but antifungal cream may help. Candida albicans, known by many other names, loves to make a home in the vaginal and groin area of the body. These kinds of outbreaks also get inside the body which of course can lead to many other medical concerns as well. These fungal infections can affect the mouth (in and around the corners), around and on the nails, foreskin, armpits, vagina, groin, underneath the breast and between the fingers and toes. The liver can be affected by many medications so ask before you take anything not prescribed.

Of course there are a range of over the counter medications that can be used to heal many of the conditions, however it is most important to seek the advice of your doctor beforehand. They may feel, if the condition is severe enough, that you will need to take something that is prescribed as opposed to over the counter.

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